• Charlotte Brisland. British contemporary artist


    I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of how the white cube space becomes a monument for whatever is placed inside it and then called Art. What we called ‘traditional’ painting as students was once ground breaking. All movements within Modern Art in painting had been for quite a long time in the early noughties, transformed into something docile, bought and hung within the domestic sphere by the masses, printed over and again on postcards and chocolate boxes. It made sense to me to kick against that by drawing the painterliness of Modernism into a Contemporary landscape. After some time though, I saw again how that painting was so dynamic and it’s not about kicking against it for me anymore but more of an investigation into all kinds of painting. The spaces I’m choosing outside of the studio space are carefully selected, outsider spaces, empty and broad; edgelands. I like the humanity behind those places as they become precious for some, nightmares for others and always transformed within the painting process and monumentalised within the white cube. Sometimes I’ve lived for years within a landscape, developing a routine within them and sometimes they come from snapshots made within a moving car or train.

    The investigation into colour sprung from the idea of something omnipresent and unseen in the same way as these forgotten and overlooked spaces. Spaces which are passed by everyday, always in colour, don’t command attention. Colour only becomes seen again once it is removed, just as the compositions are seen again within the painting which demands to be looked at. Painting in grey tones has been an interesting journey and there are times when I crave some colour. Perpetually working in an almost colourless state and still with very gestural and broad brushstrokes is like going blind in some strange way; still working in form and missing a vital element.


    Charlotte Brisland (b.1978) studied painting at the Royal College of Art in London and has exhibited in London, Japan, Europe and New York.  Brisland has travelled extensively, integrating herself deep into cultures as a way of informing her painting.  She now lives and works in her birth town of Portsmouth

  • Painting: Abandoned toilets, oil on canvas, 150x120cm 2017. Charlotte Brisland